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Using a Drill Press

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Drill Press

The Drill Press is used for drilling holes in various materials. The main advantages of the Drill Press over the hand-held counterpart, the Hand Drill, is that using the Drill Press will allow you to drill with more accuracy, drill larger holes, and drill at specific angles more successfully. The Drill Press does have a limited distance a hole can be drilled from one edge of the material, 14 inches. This is the distance from the base of the chuck to the column.

Read and understand the warnings and instructions on the drill
press and in the owner/operators manual.

Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields
complying with current national standard, and a full face shield
when needed. Use a dust mask in dusty work conditions. Wear hearing protection during extended periods of operation.

Do not wear gloves, loose clothing, jewelry or any dangling
objects that may catch in rotating parts or accessories. Tie back long hair.

Remove material or debris from the area that might be ignited by hot chips.

Make certain the chuck key is removed before starting the tool.
The key can be thrown at high velocity if not removed.

Be sure belt guards are installed and functioning properly.

Never hold the work piece by hand. To prevent the work piece and backup material from spinning, set them against the left side of the drill support column. Secure the work piece with a clamp or the appropriate fixture if it is too short to reach the column.

Carefully set the drill press speed appropriate for both the type of material and bit size you are using.

Don't touch the bit or chips. Drill bits and cuttings are hot
immediately after drilling.

If something goes wrong, never attempt to correct a problem with the drill operating. Shut if off and unplug it if possible.

Never reach around or under the working head, or grab the chuck to stop a drill press. This can result in hand puncture or other serious injury.

Always shut off, unplug if possible, and lock the press if a lock
is available, and store the key.