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The Rockwell Jawhorse Product Review

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 The Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse product review

Possibly you have seen the infomercial on TV for the Rockwell Jawhorse lately and wondered what this is all about since it is not like anything you may have seen before? Could what they be saying on the infomercial be true? Can it do and hold such a wide variety of things? Could it be that sturdy? So portable, Light weight and strong? YES! YES! YES! When you have a job to do that requires a second set of hands, you can turn to the Rockwell Jawhorse portable workstation clamping system. The strong and versatile Jawhorse can replace your workbenches, sawhorses, clamps, bench vises, and much more.

The Rockwell jawhorse provides one ton (2000lbs) of clamping force provided by the jaws that can extended up to 37 inches. This is enough to clamp even the largest materials including a standard size 36-inch door. The jaws are foot-pedal operated which leaves both of your hands free to handle the material you are inserting and A lock-release switch allows you to lock the material in place and easily release it with the flick of a switch. A Tripod base gives exceptional all-terrain stability; the front legs incorporate holes to allow you to fasten to a floor for more permanent jobs and the Jawhorse quickly folds down (no tools needed) to a very portable 43 pounds and incorporate a wheel for even easier portability. Additionally there are a number of optional accessories such as a welding station, miter saw station and log jaws to name a few.

In tests this product is superb! It does everything they say it does with ease. It is built extremely well and as they stated has no moving plastic parts which could break. The tripod base was extremely sturdy as I tried it on a number of various and uneven surfaces. I easily clamped a door and large pipe as well as some irregular shaped objects and it held like a charm. I really lived the foot pedal clamping system which frees up both hands. I have to say I was somewhat skeptical and originally thought this could be a gimmick but I found this to be a must have for jobs around the house or for the contractor. You can almost throw away your old workbenches, sawhorses, clamps, bench vises. Now I know why this has been such a top seller on sites such as I cannot find any drawbacks I highly recommend the Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse

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