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How to Replace a Doorbell Chime

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How to Replace a Doorbell Chime

A doorbell's chime may get annoying after a while or you want a musical chime that plays do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do and not a simple Ding-Dong. You don't know how to replace one? I can explain how below!


Go and buy a new doorbell chime at your local hardware store.
Remove the cover from the chime on the wall in your house.
Shut off power to the circuit that the doorbell is wired to.
At the chime, remove the top wire and make a note which screw terminal it is connected to. With a piece of tape, label the wire FRONT or BACK depending on which it was connected to.

Repeat with the bottom screw.

For the remainder, label it NEUTRAL.
Unscrew the chime from the wall and, holding the wires, pull it off and tape the wires to the wall so that they do not fall into the wall.

Thread the wires through the hole in the back of the new chime.

Mount the new chime to the wall with screws.
Connect the wire labeled FRONT to the screw terminal with a similar name like FRONT DOOR.
Repeat with the wire labeled BACK.
Connect the remaining wire to the remaining terminal.

Turn on the power.
Press a doorbell button. It should ring one tune.
Press the other button. It should ring a different tune.
Put the cover on and NOW YOU ARE DONE!


Attach a string to the wires. Thread the string through the chime. Then pull the chime up and pull the wires in and cut the string.

If you get stuck, look at the owner's manual that came with your new chime

You don't want the wires to fall into the wall. Tape them to the wall to hold them.
Be sure to test the incoming leads with a multi-meter before unscrewing them. Set the meter in the AC range. Touch one tester to the FRONT terminal and the other to the TRANS terminal. Have a helper ring the doorbell.

Things You'll Need
Safety Glasses
Masking Tape
Doorbell Chime
Helper (optional)
Drill Bits
String (optional)
Any other you may need...