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How to Repair Larger Holes in Drywall With Spackle

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How to Repair Larger Holes in Drywall With Spackle

Holes in drywall-also called gypsum board-walls can be quickly repaired with spackle. While spackle is better for smaller holes, larger holes can be repaired quickly by placing a support piece behind the hole.


Find a piece of wood that will fit through the hole and is large enough to continue behind firm gypsum board at least 2 to 3 inches. Strips often work well; the goal is not to cover the hole, but to provide enough backing to make the large hole into two smaller ones. A small piece of gypsum wallboard may also be used.
Use one hand to hold your electric screwdriver loaded with a wallboard screw. Do not use anything but wallboard screws.
With the other hand pull the patch back tightly against the inside of the wall.
Place screws through the wallboard and into the wood. Be careful to both slightly countersink your wallboard screw and not split the wood behind. If the wood splits, start over again.
Using your addition of solid backing fill the hole with spackle.


Your favorite well stocked hardware store will sell an expensive attachment for your electric drill that will automatically countersink your gypsum board screws.
Generally thinner pieces of wood are easier to use, but remember to provide a firm backing. Be sure to use wood suitable for spackle adhesion, nothing that is oily, for the most part.


Some companies sell metal mesh products for larger holes. These can be hard to use, and if used incorrectly quickly introduce more problems than they solve.

Things You'll Need
Scrap wood or gypsum board
Electric screwdriver
Utility knife
Drywall screws