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How to Mount a Flat Screen TV

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How to Mount a Flat Screen TV

Mounting a Flat Panel TV on your wall will not only show up your neighbor but it will also give you a nice new TV to watch.


Get a TV and a bracket correctly sized for it. Any major electronic retailer should be able to help you with this purchase.
Remove the base that comes with the TV if it is attached. Do not put the base on if it is not already attached, when you open the box.

Look for the four holes on the back of the TV. Those are where you will place the bracket you purchased. There might be three pieces to your mount. The two small brackets will attach to your TV.
Lay the T.V. on its face (glass down) on the carpet or a soft flat item.

Put the mounting bracket on the back of the T.V. and align it so that it is in the middle of the back.
Measure so it's even on the top and bottom. If you do not put it in the middle, you will see the bracket on the top or bottom and it will not hang correctly on the wall.
Lay the bracket on the back of the TV and find the correct bolts that came with the bracket to fit in the four holes on the back. You will need the correct size and thread pattern so that you do not ruin your TV. This may entail a little bit of trial and error.
Place the bolts through the bracket and into the back of the T.V.
Use a screw driver to tighten these bolts down so that the bracket does not move. You may need to use some washers that come with the bracket to get a tight fit.
Find the studs in your wall. The best way to do this with a stud finder, or you can measure sixteen inches from the corner of the closest wall to find a stud, then keep doing this to find the location of the two or three studs you will need to mount your bracket to. Mark the center of the stud on the wall.
Place the larger part of your bracket on the wall lined up with the studs that you just found. You may need another person to help you in the following step.
Hold the bracket on the wall and screw the largest bolts into the studs. You may use a drill or just a socket and wrench.

Pick up you TV and hang it on the bracket. Tighten the nuts that are attached to the bracket so that the TV will be tightened to the bracket.
Make sure that it is sturdy and can hold the weight of the TV before you fully let go.

The easiest way to find studs is with a stud finder.
Having someone to help you hold the bracket and put the TV up will make it much easier.
Buying class 2- or 3-rated in-wall wires will save you time and money if you ever decided to move.
Mounting the TV above a power outlet helps so you don't have to run a new one.
Hiding wires involves cutting a hole behind the TV mount location and and at the bottom of the wall.
A metal coat hanger works well for fishing wires through the holes.
TV power wires will not affect picture cables, just electrical wires.

Wires and pipes can be hidden in the wall so drill carefully.
Make sure your TV is sturdy and will not fall when you finally let go.
You must use in-wall rated wires when hiding them.

Things You'll Need
Drill/socket set and wrench
Knife if hiding wires
Metal coat hanger/metal wire
Stud finder