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How to Drill Holes through Porcelain Tiles

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How to Drill Holes through Porcelain Tiles

Drilling through hard porcelain tiles may be difficult but necessary to achieve the result you are looking for in your remodeling or building project. Though it can be difficult, the task can be accomplished with the correct technique and tools.


Determine the size and location of your holes.

Press the guide plate to dry tile.

Drill for a few seconds to start the hole.

When a small pit forms, discard the guide.

Lock the drill into the newly formed slot and drill.

Cool it with a wet sponge by holding it under the drill

Continue to drill. Large holes take approx five minutes.

Fit your items.


Always drill slowly. If you need an accurate drill speed, try 520 rpm.

Apply light pressure to the diamond drill bit, using water.
It is okay to start the hole by dry drilling.


Always wear protective gear, including safety goggles.
Never let the drill get hot. Heat kills the glue bond holding the diamond, so always keep it cool.
Never apply pressure for too long.

Things You'll Need

Hard porcelain tile
Diamond drill bits also known as a hole saw or holesaw
A bucket of water and a sponge to cool drills
A cordless hand electric drill
Protective gear to include safety goggles or glasses.